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/* the default inbox location on your system.  Defaults to _PATH_MAILDIR */
/* #define MAILDIR "/var/spool/mail" */

/* The place where mailleds will store its pid files.  NOTE:
   this directory doesn't need to be global writeable, as mailleds will
   write out the pidfile as root */
#ifndef DEBUG
#define PIDFILE_DIR  "/var/run"
#define PIDFILE_DIR "/tmp"

/* Port to send data to.  NOTE: must be a paralell port, or you must
   know what you're doing!  You might screw up your sys with a bad port
   here. */
#define LPT_PORT 0x378
/* #define LPT_PORT 0x278 */

/* max number of virtual consoles (vt's) you will need */
#define MAX_CONSOLES 63

/* Time spent with leds on, leds off, and when -a is specified, time between 
   blink series.  These are "tune to your liking" type of params. */

/*  Martin likes these pauses, which give a _very_ quick, trekkie appeal to things. 
    Admittedly, they're easier to read the # of messages. 
    However, my led setup involves bright, eye-catching green lights. 
    These settings make me nervous. =) */
#define BLINK_TIME_ON         40000
#define BLINK_TIME_OFF        20000
#define TIME_BETWEEN_COUNTS   80000

/*  I prefer a slow, lethargic microsecond pause like this: */
#define BLINK_TIME_ON         400000
#define BLINK_TIME_OFF        300000
#define TIME_BETWEEN_COUNTS   700000

/* sleep time in seconds between mailbox checks (if there isn't any mail)
   This can be 1 considering it's just a stat now. 

/* default keyboard leds to flash:
LED_SCR for scroll Lock, LED_NUM for Num Lock, LED_CAP for Caps Lock,
or 0 for none.
Boolean or these together to get the desired default.  
Just look at the examples. */

/* #define DEF_KBD_LEDS 0 */

/* default parallel lights to flash.  Any boolean or combination
   of PORT_LED_[1-8] */

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